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the difference between a hooker and a ho

........ain't nothin' but a fee........

Annoying Kissy Faces Unite
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1. must be non-ugly

2. must be non-creepy

3. must have kissed at least one of the existing members
a) if you have not kissed one of the existing members, you must have at least kissed one person they have, or their mother.
b)ok not really but you must be attractive enough for the existing members to WANT to kiss you.

4. if you are not a member, don't comment.



1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Which member(s) of this community have you kissed? (If none, leave blank. For a list of accepted members, go here.)
5. Which member(s) of this community would you kiss?
6. How many people have you kissed? (if none, stop doing this application now, go slut around, and try again in a week or so.)
7. Describe your most memorable kiss:
8. What band would you make out with?
9. What band have you made out with?
10. Favorite person you have kissed, and why?
11. What's your favorite flavor?
12. Gum preference?
13. If your acceptance into this community was contingent upon making-out with one of the members in the community, would you?
14. Why do you think you should be in this community?

Now post at least 3 pictures of yourself. (bonus if you're making a kissy face.)

Don't forget to lj-cut pictures when there are more than three or espescially large pictures.
<*lj-cut text="Cut off here"*>
-remove the stars, and add whatever witty sentence or lyrics you want between the quotation marks. no excuses for not having an lj cut!

*IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO POST AN APPICATION (which is just ridiculous) then go here:
how to post in another journal

made by the lovely miss amberinfinityxcubed